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Large Historical Brandon Plantation in Spring Grove, VA
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Address: Historical Brandon Plantation 23500 Brandon Road
City: Spring Grove (map)
State: VA
ZIP: 23881

About this property:
Historical Working Plantation & Estate Highlights:
• Only the third time this home has changed hands since Jamestown, VA was founded in 1607.
• Brandon Plantation is one of the few historical properties and farms to be sold on the open market during this century.
• Thomas Jefferson designed the main house substantially as it now stands.
• Brandon tract is 4,487 acres and extends nearly five miles from route 10 to the James River.
• Brandon Plantation is the oldest continuous agricultural operation in the US.
• Brandon Plantation has tremendous recreational value. The tract contains deer and turkey and is known for its waterfowl hunting including 28 registered duck and goose blinds.

This national treasure has 7 bedrooms, 6.5 baths with 4,487.5 acres of premium land and is located in Prince George County, Virginia. Thomas Jefferson, Shakespeare’s daughter and a survivor of the Titanic each had a part of this breathtaking plantation’s history. A few miles upstream from Jamestown, VA, Brandon Plantation is the oldest continuous agricultural operation in the U.S. The plantation contains 4,487 total acres, with 1,577 tillable acres and 2,846 acres of managed timberland. The 7,700 sq. ft. main home bears scars from the Revolutionary and Civil Wars while overlooking expansive formal gardens and a view of the James River. There are 11 other residential homes, 14 farm structures and 3.5 miles of James River frontage.

This rare plantations roots trace back to Jamestown and the settling of America, is being offered for sale by the estate of the late U.S. congressman Robert W. Daniel, Jr., whose family has owned the property for close to a century. Brandon is one of the longest-running agricultural enterprises in the United States. This is a extremely rare opportunity as it is only the third time the property has changed hands in over 400 years.

With its Thomas Jefferson-designed main house (still wearing Revolutionary War cannonball scars) and more than 10 other buildings along the southern banks of the James River, Brandon has been designated a National Historic Landmark. It was first constructed in 1765 by Nathaniel Harrison, whose family owned the property until its sale to Robert W. Daniel, an RMS Titanic survivor, in 1926. Daniel’s son, a former U.S. Representative from Virginia, oversaw the operations of the working plantation until his death in early 2012.

The beautiful mansion house site is on 64.3 acres encompassing the Brandon historical curtilage. It has a paved, protected entrance, and the northern area is accessible by guest and tourist to a gravel parking area. The manor house is positioned about 750 feet back from the James River with 1500 feet of river frontage. A terraced lawn and formal garden extends to the river front from the mansion. The six square formal gardens are expansive and recognized as among the finest among Colonial sites 300 feet wide and flanked by double rows of English boxwoods. To the northwest of the mansion are the historic block house, Harrison family cemetery, pool/guest house, swimming pool, and tennis court. To the east and south are garage/apartment and service facilities. Located in the corner of the site close to the river is a small guest cottage.

Brandon produced a record crop in 2012 averaging 189 bushels per acre of dry land corn production. The average ten year yield for corn production is 134 bushels per acre. Wheat yielded 78 bushels per acre on 636 acres with the ten year average being 71 bushels per acre. Except for a small number of early planted soybeans all the soybean acres are double cropped behind wheat. Soybean production for 2012 averaged 50 bushels per acre on 738 acres. Ten year averages for soybeans is 39 bushels per acre. –Timber – managed timberland is estimated at 2193 acres. Included are areas of cutover or one-year-old to sections ranging from 24-48 years. Staggered maturity offers periodic annuity. Most is pine plantation.

Zoned A-1(agricultural zoning), Harrisons (prior owners to the Daniels) related to James Madison, Thomas Jefferson, George Washington, Ulysses S. Grant and Winston Churchill.

Land Information - 4,487.47 total acreage;Mansion site is 64.3 acres; 1577 are tillable ; 2193 Managed Forestland; 653 Acres Flood Zone, Marsh Stream, Powerline Easement, farmsteads.

1. 23016 Point Rd- Built 1950. 1 full bath, 1386 sq ft, 192 sq ft porch, separate 16x10 shed
2. 23017 Point Rd- Built 1960- 1 full bath, 1386 sq ft, 64 sq ft deck.
3. 23107 Brandon Rd- Built 1940- 868 sq ft, 1 full bath, 75 sq ft porch.
4. 23101 Brandon Rd- Built 1940- 1004 sq ft, 1 full bath, 72 sq ft porch.
5. 23103 Brandon Rd- Built 1940- 624 sq ft, 1 full bath, 72 sq ft porch & 24 sq ft deck.
6. 23220 Point Rd- Built 1930- 1428 sq ft, 240 sq ft porch, 1 hearth/2 chimneys, separate shed/garage.
7. 23210 Point Rd- Built 1960- 1683 sq ft, 1 full bath, 1 hearth & 1 chimney, 360’ screened in porch, 8x10 detached shed.
8. 23503 Brandon Rd- Built 1960- 1478 sq ft, 1 full bath, 140 sq ft porch.
9. Captain’s Cottage Built 1900- 1657 sq ft, 1 full bath, newly renovated in good condition, screened in porch 560’, 2 fireplaces, detached 10x10 shed.
10. 23109 Brandon Rd-Built 1940, 944 sq ft, 1 full bath, 72 sq ft porch.
11. 23701 Brandon Rd-Built 1940, 916 sq ft, 1 full bath, 136 sq ft porch.

Originally, approximately 5000 acres was patented to John Martin in 1616. The tract was named Brandon after Martin's wife's family. Martin was on the original adventurers that accompanied Christopher Newport and served the Jamestown colony as a member of the First Council. Jamestown is located a few miles downstream from Brandon. In 1635 the property was sold to Richard Quiney (Richard Quiney's brother Thomas was married to William Shakespeare's daughter Judith). The property was farmed by Quiney and his family until 1720 when it was sold to Nathaniel Harrison. At the death of Colonel Benjamin Harrison, the property was divided between his two sons and Upper Brandon plantation was created. Brandon remained in the Harrison family until 1926 when it was acquired by Mr. and Mrs. Robert W. Daniel, Sr. At that time, the Daniels undertook the restoration of the house and grounds.

The owners of Brandon had a history of public service. In addition to the Martin service in Jamestown, the Harrisons were a prominent political family in US History producing numerous governors of Virginia and two U.S. presidents. The Harrisons are also related to James Madison, Thomas Jefferson, George Washington, Ulysses S Grand and Winston Churchill. Mr. Daniel, Sr. was a Virginia state senator, financier and survivor of the Titanic. His predecessors included an associate justice of the U.S. Supreme Court, first attorney general of U.S. and Secretary of State. Robert W. Daniel, Jr. served five terms in the U.S. House of Representatives.

Although the construction date of the plantation house is uncertain, its architecture is considered one of the most sophisticated of Virginia's 18th century structures. Style is Paladian with family tradition attributing design to Thomas Jefferson. It is the consensus that the two-story dependencies were built initially and the center two-story section and hyphens were built later. The residence were damaged during both the Revolutionary and the Civil War and remained in the Harrison family until 1920's when Mr. Daniel, Sr. acquired. Under his ownership, the mansion was modernized, restored and the west wing enlarged to accommodate modern bathrooms. Also, during the Daniel era, many of the farm buildings and tenant houses were built; most appear to fall between the 1920's and 1950's.

Don’t miss this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to own one of Virginia’s largest, most historic and extraordinary plantations. To learn more call 800.290.3290 x600. The auction is scheduled for June 26.

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